The best minds of my generation aren’t nearly quite as interesting as Ginsberg’s (but “angel-headed hipsters” applies more than ever). Not contemplating jazz but rather all kinds of wonderful megalithic, prehistoric, teutonic rock, I remember them all, in bits and pieces:

Here we are, swinging from the cenotaph.
Here we are, hanging half-exposed from the marquee tent flap.
Here we are, sleeping - hidden - under the stairs for weeks and weeks and weeks.
Here we are, snorting powder from the rockstar’s son's back.
Here we are, strapping coyotes to our heads and calling it a costume.
Here we are, painting bright patterns biweekly on our faces.
Here we are, spraying discount cava in glorious arcs and raining down flour.
Here we are, queueing for hours to watch the speaker on the tiny screen.
Here we are, picking up glitter and sticking onto each other with just our sweat.
Here we are, tearing apart the panda for no reason at all.
Here we are, drinking ancient beer in underground bars.
Here we are, mooing loudly at each other in some sort of competition.
Here we are, spending twelve hours floating on a river and calling it magic.
Here we are, throwing up on the sacred grounds and covering it with leaves.
Here we are, gathering foliage and beating the man dressed as a bear.
Here we are, boiling steak in milk and garnishing it with jelly beans.

I remember Chelmsford, where we drank and we drank and we drank.
I remember Cambridge, where we danced and danced and danced.
I remember Paris, where we stayed up all night with philosophy and missed breakfast the next morning.
I remember Amsterdam, where we saw nothing but the art.
I remember New York, where we ran screaming drunk, weeping into tacos amid magical city forests.
I remember mussels in Brussels where we saw the windmills and famous dog.
I remember Stockholm, where we ran across the city to take photos in the rain.
I remember Colombia, where we threw metal rocks at dynamite for fun.
And I remember London, where we laughed at all the suits and jumped higher than any of them.